PWTE Daily Devotion


October 21, 2017
by Richelle Hecker

He does not change!

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I have had the privilege of living in, and visiting, many places across America and around the globe. I have experienced many types of natural beauty in God’s creation. Each season brings new things to enjoy. My favorite season is fall and all the glorious colors it has to offer. I still remember how it took my breath away to visit the Ozarks at the peak of fall leaf season. All those deciduous trees lit up the hills around me. It made me want to sing God’s praises loudly!

However, I grew up in the Northwest, and what I learned to admire there were the evergreens. Evergreen trees and plants do not change colors for the seasons. They remain beautifully green all year long. Some people I have encountered find that kind of forest entirely too boring.  I find comfort in knowing that no matter what season we are in, these plants remain constant. They do not falter during storms and drop their leaves, or show no signs of life in the winter. They stand firm. They are beautiful in every season. 

 I the Lord do not change. So you, the descendants of Jacob, are not destroyed
Malachi 3:6 New International Version


This last book of the Old Testament was written after the Israelite nation returned from exile to Babylon. The focus is on a people who had moved toward an apathetic style of worship. They sacrificed cheap offerings, gave partial tithes, and tried to slide by doing as little as they could to keep their faith.

Unfortunately, this sounds like much of the church today. We can tend toward being a people who do just enough hoping to please God. Attending church on Sunday without living the gospel everyday. Giving to God is not our first priority, and our belief and expectation from God have waned as well. We are like the deciduous trees, lighting up with God’s glory only to fade as seasons change or situations become difficult.

Praise be to God that He does not change! He is faithful when we are not, and is constant in every season. Though we fail, He never fails. Return to Him this season and display his glory once again!

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