PWTE Daily Devotion


November 22, 2017
by Rev Don Schatz

What Do You See?

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“Jesus answered, “I tell you the truth, you are looking for me, not because you saw miraculous signs but because you ate the loaves and had your fill.  Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you….”
John 6:26-27

One day the people of a city awoke to find something new, in the Plaza, at the city center.  There, in the middle of the expanse of bright, green, lawn was a large telescope.  It was so large that one needed a small set of steps to be able to look through the telescope.  As luck would have it, just such a small set of steps was also there.

‘Where did this come from?’ they wondered.  ‘Who put it here?  Can we use it?’

A fearless child trod boldly up the small set of steps.  She set her eye to the telescope and immediately let out a gasp.  “Oh,” she exclaimed, “I see Jesus!”

“That can’t be, let me have a look,” said another youth, elbowing her aside.  He gazed through the lens and said, “Jesus?  What Jesus?  This thing is broken.  All I see is myself!”

People were lining up across the grass of the Plaza.  Word about it was spreading around town.  One by one they looked through the telescope.  Several of the children saw Jesus.  Many, like the first boy, saw themselves.  Some saw distant planets, stars, and galaxies.  Some saw their families.  Some saw where they worked.  Some saw their retirement savings.  On and on the people came, and each one seemed to see something different.  Even a Pastor took a peek (I won’t tell you what denomination he was from!).  He saw a meeting of the Church Council.

Finally, the first little girl looked through the telescope once again.  “I still see Jesus,” she said with a smile on her face, and in her voice.

“That thing is broken,” said the boy who had shoved her aside.

Look to Jesus today.  Look at Jesus today.

Copyright Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Colorado Springs, CO


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