PWTE Daily Devotion

Out With the Old…

December 31, 2017
by Rev Steve Nickodemus

Cleaning Out for the New Year.

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“I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ and be found in Him…”
Philippians 3:8b

When we moved into our new house, we discarded many things.  As boxes were opened, that had been packed over two years ago, much went into the dumpster.  Some things were ruined, old, or just not useful in our new life.

At the same time, we went shopping, bought new furniture, and we were given many new and wonderful gifts to fill our new house.  Within a couple of weeks, the old boxes and rubbish were gone and we began a new life in a new home.

Does this sound familiar?  This is the kind of language that Paul uses about his new life in Jesus Christ.  The old life which had seemed so important to him at one time, now seemed to him as rubbish in the surpassing joy of knowing Jesus Christ and being found righteous in Him.  Compared to the new Gift of our Lord Jesus, the old sin, legalism, and emptiness of life without Jesus was garbage.

What old stuff in your life needs to go into the dumpster?  Pride, legalism, works righteousness, selfishness, immorality, foolishness, the inability to forgive…it all has to go!  The Lord Jesus, whose blood has set us free from sin and made us new creatures in Him, is here to do some housecleaning!  Don’t worry! He doesn’t just throw away the old…He brings in the new: Joy, love, forgiveness, peace, intimacy with God, a fresh start, and a new life!

Welcome to your new home, a home which Jesus has prepared for you.  Don’t grieve over the old stuff, a new life has come.  Out with the old rubbish, in with the new Treasure…the Lord and Savior of the world.  “Behold, I make all things new.” (Jesus)

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