PWTE Daily Devotion

Imprints on the Heart

January 11, 2018
by Darcia Kunkel

God’s Inherent Law.

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 “This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, says the Lord:
I will imprint my laws upon their heart, and on their mind I will inscribe them.”
Hebrews 10:16, Amplified Version

Our dog, Rizzo, has spots down his legs and on his face. Most of the rest of his body is black, while the undercoat is white. He is a mix of Labrador Retriever, Great Pyrenees, Australian Shepherd, and Siberian Husky.

What struck me is that these spots also exist on the pads of his feet. I had never noticed them until he was resting on the couch next to me. You can’t usually see them, but the marks are imprinted there as well….almost like a breed or heritage stamp.

Even though Rizzo is a mutt of mixed origins, he exhibits traits and physical appearances of each the breeds. He has the curled tail and vocals of a husky, the black coat and shape of a lab, the size and undercoat of a Pyrenees, and the intelligence and herding energy of a shepherd.

I am reminded, in Hebrews, that God imprints his laws (and his love) upon our hearts and minds. We may not always see them, but they are there. We are different and unique, but we all become heirs through Christ. God continues to encompass our hearts and minds, while daily encouraging us through the Holy Spirit.

No matter how far we may stray, or how close we follow, God is always calling us to re-examine our purpose. He is calling us to live according to his design. The Holy Spirit dwells within us…guiding, redirecting, and heartening us.

Just as certain markings identify different animals, or breeds, God’s word is imprinted on our hearts so that we too may be bold in sharing Christ’s love and message of hope and salvation.

Lord, may I always be reminded that your laws and love are forever emblazoned upon my heart and mind!

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