PWTE Daily Devotion

Keep the Home Fires Burning!

January 16, 2018
by Rev Steve Nickodemus

I can’t wait to get home…

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“… let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”
Matthew 5:16

When we moved into our new house and started a fire, in our fireplace, we knew we were truly home.  There is something about a warm fire when you come in from the cold, a warmth around the hearth that tells you that you are loved.  It gives you a “warm” feeling, as we like to say.

When our Lord Jesus comes to live in our cold, lonely, sinful heart, He warms us in a way that not even a warm fire can do.  As the warmth of His forgiveness and true love melts away our hard, sinful hearts, people notice.

They are attracted to a light, a warmth, a new source of joy in your life.  It is not you who generates this love, it is our Lord Jesus, the Light of the World, who creates a home like no other.  Where He is, there is true peace, there is true belonging, and there is an eternal Home.

As you become closer to Jesus in His Word, prayer, and intimacy with Him, others will want to be around that fireside, too.  Let that Light so shine that others may see your good works, His love reflected in your life, and be drawn to the Savior and the warmth of His love.

I have wonderful memories of my family around a warm fireplace, but how much more cheery, how much more lasting, and how much more truly loving is the glow of the Love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord!  Let His light shine to all around you.  Even on the coldest of journeys, His light warms us and guides us home!

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