PWTE Daily Devotion

Caution: New Driver

January 21, 2018
by Darcia Kunkel

Patience is a Virtue.

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 “Whoever is patient has great understanding,
but one who is quick-tempered displays folly.

Proverbs 14:29 New International Version

We purchased this magnet when my daughter received her permit to drive, and it remains on her vehicle (even though she passed her driver’s test and received her license).

It is not there because we lack confidence in her driving abilities, but rather to alert other motorists that she is not as seasoned as they may be, and to give her a little extra consideration.

My older daughter was mortified to have it attached to the car, when she visited from college and borrowed the vehicle, but the daughter it was intended for does not mind. She actually appreciates the extra attention, as it makes her feel more at ease.

It is difficult to teach a teenager to drive, and the learning process requires much patience. If I got upset, or irritated, every time my child made an error while driving she would have completely given up, and would never learn to correct her mistakes.

I must admit that I struggle with patience. If I am honest, at times I have little and am prone to being quick tempered. I used to pray for more patience. God is faithful, and I was given frustrating situations in which to practice that virtue.

My advice, don’t pray for patience. Instead, pray for the wisdom to learn from every challenge in life, whether good or bad.

Even though I fall short in persevering, God does not. How many times have His people strayed, fallen short, or lacked faith? He continually kept His promise to the people of Israel, raising up leaders every time they rebelled. Ultimately, He sent His son to the cross for our eternal salvation. What a loving act of patience!

For me, failure and sin are a daily occurrence. Sometimes I learn from my mistakes, but many times I receive patient correction. I am then encouraged to continue on my journey with renewed confidence.

Lord, may I always remember that you are a patient, forgiving, and loving God!

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