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The Importance of Community in Drought

August 20, 2015

We are Christ with flesh when we walk with each other through painful times.

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Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed.
If one person falls, the other can reach out and help.
But someone who falls alone is in real trouble. 
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 New Living Translation

No, this is not another blog about how being married is better than being single, in fact Paul wrote some things that would suggest that the opposite is true. But I’m not going to deal with Paul’s thoughts since Janice and I just celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary, and I’d probably take issue with him.

When you finish reading the book of Ecclesiastes you might believe that the Preacher was an old, depressed codger. At times he can’t find satisfaction in work and at other times he says work is blessing from God. He can’t stand being around people, then he says that two are better than one, in fact, a threefold cord of people doesn’t easily break.

Eugene, Oregon Copyright Douglas P Brauner

Eugene, Oregon
Copyright Douglas P Brauner

Yet this is what I appreciate about this God inspired Preacher. He is real. I can relate to him because of his struggles. And he is spot on when he says that two are better than one because they help each other succeed like these bees busily collecting pollen together.

Times are tough in Oregon and the entire west coast where I took this picture. Fires rage as the drought tightens its grip in this special land. It hurts when I see pictures of smoke rising miles into the sky. It hurts when I hear of firefighters losing their lives attempting to save the lives of others as well as their property.

When we experience tragedies like these it is doubly hard to face them alone, and yet pain so often isolates us from others. It is when we experience drought that we need the community of compassionate friends; people who will listen more than speak, who will cry more than laugh, who will stay at our side when being at our side is painful. We are Christ to each other when we’re willing to walk with each other through the struggles of life.

I believe the rains will come one day, the fires will end and those who have walked through the drought together will form a bond that will carry them into eternity.

Copyright Douglas P. Brauner



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