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A Never-Ending Source of Wealth

September 2, 2015

The only constant in life is God’s love for us in Jesus.

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“He will be the foundation of your future.
The riches of salvation are wisdom and knowledge.
The fear of the LORD is your treasure.”

Isaiah 33:6 God’s Word to the Nations
Hilltop Mine, Mt. Sherman, Colorado Copyright Douglas P Brauner

Hilltop Mine, Mt. Sherman, Colorado
Copyright Douglas P Brauner

It’s astounding to think that in 1888 over $600,000 worth of silver came out of the Hilltop Mine. In today’s dollars that would be somewhere around $9 million.

Miners probably thought the silver would flow forever and profits never stop.  Such was not the case.  The price of silver crashed in 1893 and brought a halt to silver mining.

Though all of us look for something tangible to give our lives meaning, everything will disappear like silver from the Hilltop Mine. What will never run dry is the treasure of God’s love for us. So why do we still hold on to stuff that really doesn’t matter?

I have all the stuff I need in my life; my “silver.” Stuff that I might have used at one time but no longer do fills our basement. It sits there collecting dust and if it was gone tomorrow I wouldn’t miss it.

However, if I didn’t have God’s love in Christ sustaining me, I’d have nothing.

When life takes everything away from us, we will always have treasure in Christ.

Copyright Douglas P Brauner

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