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Enjoying the Ride (Special Third Anniversary Blog)

September 6, 2015

Though we don’t always know where God is leading us, we can still enjoy the ride.

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“Your road led through the sea, your pathway through the mighty waters–
a pathway no one knew was there!” 

Psalm 77:19 New Living Translation

Today marks the third anniversary of the Praying With The Eyes ministry. What was only a thought on September 6, 2012 has now grown into a website and podcast. All I was looking for was a way to share my pictures. I didn’t know God’s pathway would lead to the growth of this ministry.

Ucayali River, Peru Copyright Douglas P Brauner

Ucayali River, Peru
Copyright Douglas P Brauner

This picture depicts how God leads us in a pathway that we didn’t know was there. You might think that the sun is setting behind these clouds, but the sun was setting behind me. I don’t know the atmospheric conditions that caused this optical illusion, but I enjoyed it.

Though I didn’t have a plan for anything else than writing a year’s worth of blogs, I have enjoyed the journey. I still love the pathway on which God has placed the Praying With The Eyes ministry.

Do I know where this ministry will be in a year? Absolutely not. Could this be the last year? Maybe. Could the Praying With The Eyes ministry go until I die? I guess. It all depends on God’s leading.

For now, I’m grateful that he has sustained this ministry and blessed it. I’m grateful for all of you who continue to read the daily devotions. I love the growing community of people who follow the Praying With The Eyes podcast. I’m thankful for those who share their heart in writing blogs for the website.

God’s way isn’t always easy. There have been times that his road has “led through the sea.” There have been times that I’ve wondered if I can keep going, yet I wouldn’t change a thing.

I’m not alone. God has also placed you on a road that “no one knew was there.” Is it always fun to walk this road? Absolutely not. Having fun isn’t the ultimate goal of life. Yet it is God’s road, and his road always leads to his heart. So, let’s enjoy the journey!

Copyright Douglas P Brauner

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