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“Oh, the Depth!”

May 29, 2015

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Black Canyon of the Gunnison 01When you first look at this picture the canyon might look pretty deep, but to get a proper perspective you need to enlarge this picture and see the tiny little man in the upper right corner of the pic. Once you spot him then look down into the canyon.

The Black Canyon of the Gunnison isn’t just pretty deep, it is massively deep.

“Oh, how great are God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge! How impossible it is for us to understand his decisions and his ways!” Romans 11:33 New Living Translation

The depth of God’s person isn’t pretty deep, it is massively deep. So why do we human creatures think that we can understand God? Shouldn’t Jesus choosing of the cross convince us that God’s is monstrously deep. (Okay enough of the adverbs.  I think you get the point about God.)

Maybe the problem is that we can’t imagine anyone, let alone God, loving us. We want a God who makes sense to our human reasoning, but the love of God, his riches, wisdom and knowledge, transcend our understanding.

Yet it doesn’t change the fact: God is God and we are not. Our call is to trust him even when we can’t understand him. “Oh the depth!”


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