PWTE Daily Devotion

Bathed in Peace

October 5, 2015

Even though life might be difficult, God bathes us in his gift of peace.

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I will lie down and sleep peacefully,
for you, LORD, make me safe and secure.” 
Psalm 4:8 New English Translation

Colorado Springs had experienced a cold spring when I took this picture, in fact we snow fell on May 1, yet these turtles took advantage of this nice, semi-warm day. They weren’t going to miss this opportunity to work on their tan, or whatever turtles do when they’re sunning themselves.

Fountain Regional Park, Fountain, Colorado

Fountain Regional Park, Fountain, Colorado

Some of us are so future oriented that we miss those days of grace when God calls us to bathe in his peace.

So, when was the last time that you had a restful night’s sleep? Do you wake up at 1:00 am with your mind spinning and worrying about the future?

We might lose our job. Our children might turn their backs on God. Our health might deteriorate, but God will never abandon us. Your relationship with him is secure because of Christ’s promise to never abandon you (Matthew 28:20). This promise is rooted in Jesus’ death on the cross and his empty tomb.

King David could lay down in peace even with everything going on in his life. You can lay down in peace with everything going on in your life because this peace is yours in Christ. It’s his gift to you.

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