PWTE Daily Devotion

A Place of Solitude – A Place of Grace

October 10, 2015

Solitude an be God’s gift for anxious times.

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“Search me, O God, and know my heart;
test me and know my anxious thoughts.”

Psalm 139:23 New Living Translation

The older I get the more I enjoy solitude. After fifty-nine years of life experiences, there is much that swirls in my brain. I need more time to stop over-thinking life.

I need more time to remove the layers of life and sit open before God.

I’ve expended a great deal of time covering up my anxious thoughts or making excuses for them. I’ve busied my life with clutter in a feeble attempt to hide myself from God (and others).

The beauty of solitude, of removing the layers, is anticipating grace. Far too often I’ve lived as though God wanted to punish me, so I covered up my sin. Hidden sin clings like pet hair. Grace releases sin.

There is nothing more freeing than being vulnerable before God. It’s my prayer that you find that place of solitude with God for that is the place of grace.

Copyright Douglas P Brauner

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