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The Correct Tool for the Job

October 24, 2015

God calls us to use the correct tools he has given us as we share Christ with others.

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For though I am free from all,
I have made myself a servant to all,
that I might win more of them …

I have become all things to all people,
that by all means I might save some.

1 Corinthians 9:19,22b English Standard Version

NOTE TO HE READERS: If you know the exact name for these hammer-like tools, don’t send me emails describing what they do. I will not understand a word you write. My tools look a lot different. You will lose me if you believe that I’d benefit from knowing what these tools do.

Bent's Old Fort, La Junta, Colorado

Bent’s Old Fort, La Junta, Colorado

However, I can tell you that by looking at the different shapes of these hammers (if that’s what they are) they must have each been forged for a specific purpose. The craftsman handling these tools would know the correct one to use for the job that needed attention.

Do we know the correct tools to use when it comes to sharing Christ with others?

Do we know what tool to use when a sister or brother in Christ grieves?

Do we know what tool to use when parents struggles with a choice made by their son or daughter?

Do we know what tool to use when a friend struggles with an addiction?

Paul states that he became the correct tool for God to use when sharing Christ with another person. We often miss read his words to mean that we must always, and at all times, become everything to everyone. Only Christ has accomplished this feat. Paul discerned what each situation needed. He went to his tool chest and pulled out the correct tool to use.

When a friend struggles with an addiction maybe the correct tool to use is a gut-wrenching, Spirit anointed honesty.

When parents struggle with a choice made by their children maybe the correct tool to use is a listening, enduring presence.

When a sister or brother in Christ grieves maybe the correct tool to use is a silent, empathetic tear.

Many tools filled this room at Bent’s Fort. In the same way, God has equipped his people with many tools with which we share the love of Christ. May God give us discernment to use the correct tool as we express his compassion in this broken world.

Copyright Douglas P Brauner

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