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Making It through the Day

November 8, 2015

God’s love guides us on the path of life.

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What are you like when you get up in the morning?

How you answer that question depends on a few factors. How much sleep did you get? What kind of day did you have yesterday? What’s on your schedule for today?

Needless to say there are many of us who get up anxious, fearful or even angry, and more than likely we’re tired of waking up angry, fearful or anxious.

“Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love, for in you I trust.
Make me know the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.”

Psalm 143:8 English Standard Version

Bear Creek Regional Park, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Bear Creek Regional Park, Colorado Springs, Colorado

King David was facing enemies when he wrote this psalm. We don’t know the exact situation he faced, but he depended on God as his source of strength in the battle.

You know the enemies that you’re facing today. You might even be able to put a name to these enemies, enemies such as anxiety, fear and anger.

In the struggles of life, David encourages you to pray that you might know God’s steadfast love. No matter what you’re facing today, his steadfast love will sustain you. He will not abandon you in the heat of battle.

In the struggles of life, David encourages you to pray that God would reveal his way for you, that he would make clear to you the direction on which you are to walk.

Notice in this picture that there were footprints showing me the way I should go. As you struggle with anxiety, fear and anger, know that other saints have walked this path before you. They, too, were guided by the same God who loves you and makes his way known to you.

Copyright Douglas P Brauner

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