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Devotional Guide: Joy

June 3, 2015


HEARING God’s Word, SEEING God’s Word, PRAYING God’s Word

The term, visio divina, is Latin for “divine seeing.” The practice of the visio divina is a method of connecting God’s Word with God’s creation using visual arts.

Theme: Joy

"I will make merry before the Lord"

“I will make merry before the Lord”

Psalm 97, 2 Samuel 6:16-23, Luke 2:22-38

Suggestions for how to practice the visio divina

  1. Place the name of God on your forehead by making the sign of the cross and saying, “In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”
  2. Pause for a few moments with your eyes closed and take five to ten deep breaths.
  3. Look at the picture and take notice of any figures, shapes, colors or textures appeal to you.
  4. Read on of Scriptures under the picture, beginning with the Psalm. It is helpful if you use the same Scripture for a few of days (there is no hurry to finish the visio divina). Do not read the Scripture for the purpose of study, but let it speak to your heart. Take note of the emotions as well as the thoughts this passage brings to mind.
  5. Connect the Scripture to the picture. Are there common or uncommon elements between the two? Are there godly desires that you find rising to the surface of your thoughts? What is God revealing to you about who you are, about who God is?
  6. Now pray the Scriptures and picture using what you have discovered during this visio divina time.
  7. Finish by saying (if you use the visio divina in the morning), “May God order and direct my day through Jesus Christ according to his word, ” or (if you use the visio divina at night), “Grant me, O God, a restful night in Jesus Christ according to your word.”
  8. Either go about your daily routine, or lay you head on your pillow in peace.

If you like to write, you might consider journaling your thoughts when you are finished (not during) your time of meditation on God’s word.

Click on the picture to view a larger version.

God bless this journey of divine seeing.

Copyright Douglas P. Brauner

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