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Hope in the Word

December 13, 2015

We can trust God’s Word even though we might not trust what people say.

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Talk, talk, talk. People talk to us all the time. The preacher talks to us. Our coworker talks to us. Our children talk to us, yet too often that’s all it is: talk.

We don’t trust the words people pour into our lives. They say they love us and then have nothing to do with us. They say they will be there for us but when struggles come they disappear. They say we’re the most important people in their lives and they’d rather play video games than give us ten seconds of their presence.

We don’t trust talk.

Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“You are my hiding place and my shield;
I hope in your word.”
Psalm 119:114 English Standard Version

Can God’s Word be trusted? He promised to crush the head of the serpent (Genesis 3:15). He promised that a virgin would give birth to a son and he would be called God with us (Isaiah 7:14). He promised that his suffering servant would bear the iniquities of all (Isaiah 53:5). Jesus is God’s “yes” to all of these promises. God keeps his word.

By the way, in his Word he also promises that he is coming to his people to bring his bride home. God keeps his Word. It is a word in which we hope even though we still do not know the day of his return.

Copyright Douglas P Brauner

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