What I Saw at Safeway – by David Brukiewa

December 28, 2015

Life looks different through the Father’s eyes.

I do not grocery shop. It is not that I am incapable, I just don’t do it often. Shopping becomes a treasure hunt when you don’t know where things are. Every item ends up taking forever to find. I don’t mind going in for one or two items but a whole list is not any fun. I especially dislike shopping on busy days like Black Friday, the day before Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve. The crowds make it virtually impossible to get in and out quickly, but isn’t that the point?

So on Christmas Eve Jen mentioned all she had to do and grocery shopping was one of those things. I offered to go if she made me a list. I was cheerful and having a pleasant day so I don’t know why I did such a thing. It was like my love for my wife caused me to lose my good sense and forget how much I hate shopping on Christmas Eve.

Crowd 260KBIn the parking lot, the crowds should have caused anxiety and stress, but they didn’t. I patiently looked for a parking space and allowed others to bask in the luxury of their indecision without even honking or swearing in my car. (Not that I do such things.) Once I entered the store it was apparent that it would not be a quick trip. The sheer number of shopping carts clogging the aisles, the length of the list and the number of unique items on my list would all conspire together. I was doomed right? I would end up back home with missing items, a bad attitude and a disdain for any human I interacted with on my journey.

Well, that’s how it would have gone if my unredeemed self were allowed to prevail. Instead God tapped me on the shoulder as I entered the store. Rather than multiple shopping carts blocking my path I started seeing people. There was no grand conspiracy, just other husbands, wives, grandparents and friends all at the store getting their last-minute items so they could prepare for whatever gathering or party they had planned. All these people preparing to celebrate the birth of Christ, preparing to make Christmas special for their loved ones. It was suddenly a beautiful scene.

I started running across cheerful people, we were asking each other for help, moving aside for those who seemed to be in more of a hurry, smiling at each other and wishing one another Merry Christmas. I saw love and respect. I saw the joy of people looking forward to their respective celebrations. I think I may have been looking through the Father’s eyes.

My desire to shop on Christmas Eve has not increased, but I am so thankful for the privilege God gave me of seeing with His eyes.

Copyright David Brukiewa


untitled (425 of 461)Dave is a husband and father of three beautiful girls. He has lived in Colorado Springs since 2000 and attended Holy Cross since 2006. His passion is to see men of God draw closer to the Father and bring their families with them.


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