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It’s All about Faith

January 3, 2016

Faith in God holds relationships together.

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“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for,
the conviction of things not seen.”
Hebrews 11:1 English Standard Version

Back track.

You’ll noticed that there’s no baby in the manger…again. Let’s think for a moment about the relationship between Joseph and Mary.

January 03First, there is their age difference. Now granted, there is nothing stated in the Bible about their age but it’s quite possible that Joseph is much older than Mary. They are two people who come at life from two different perspectives. Joseph has been seasoned by life. Mary is only beginning to experience life.

Then there’s this baby. Okay, so Mary isn’t pregnant by another man. Does it make it any easier that it is from the Holy Spirit? We somehow get this impression that everything was smooth sailing for this couple following the visitation of the angel to both Mary and Joseph.

They weren’t married.  Mary’s pregnant. They make a long journey to Bethlehem. You’re going to tell me that there weren’t rough spots for this couple?

Both Mary and Joseph displayed faith in the Word of God proclaimed by the angel.

It’s interesting to think that their faith in the promise of God affected their relationship with each other. It is true that the Bible doesn’t address the issue of the holy couple’s marital relationship but look at the details of the story. Mary goes with Joseph. Joseph provides a place for Mary to give birth. They make a long trip to Egypt then settle in Nazareth.

And, most importantly, they raise the Christ child.

Janice and I have faced some very difficult and challenging situations in our marriage (and more will be coming since we are two sinners). I can honestly write, that, but by the grace of God and faith in the One who has redeemed us, we continue to persevere.

It begins (and ends) with faith in the One who has come for us. Life is about faith.

Copyright Douglas P Brauner

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