PWTE Podcast Episode 016: On a Stroll with God

January 1, 2016

Episode 016In this episode of the Praying With The Eyes podcast, Pastor Doug Brauner explores why we make New Year’s resolutions, and how we can see 2016 as a stroll with God. It’s possible we’re disappointed when we look back at 2015, but we might also find hope as we looking ahead to 2016. In this episode he is joined by PWTE producer, Jason Laird.

Blog: On a Stroll with God

New Year’s Resolutions Statistics

Pastor Doug’s 2016 Bucket List

  1. Go Skiing
  2. Take a motorcycle trip into the Colorado Mountains
  3. Take a trip to Bandon, Oregon
  4. Learn enough Spanish to hold a basic conversation with Ricardo Hildago in Peru.
  5. Read three books: One on preaching, another selected by Pastor Dave Hall, and another American Civil War historic novel.

What’s on your bucket list for 2016. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Bible Passages

  1. Micah 6:8
  2. Deuteronomy 10:12
  3. Philippians 4:13
  4. Psalm 42:5


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