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Finding Rest in Life’s Battles

January 30, 2016

Jesus is our rest in life’s battles.

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“I fall asleep in peace the moment I lie down because you alone,
O LORD, enable me to live securely.”
Psalm 4:8 God’s Word to the Nations

Technically the American Civil War didn’t end at Fort Sumter but it did begin here. The federal government built Fort Sumter after the War of 1812. Though the work of building the stronghold began in Charleston Harbor in 1829, the fort wasn’t completed until 1860. Then on April 12, 1861 the first shots of the Civil War were fired from Charleston on Fort Sumter.

Fort Sumter, Charleston, South Carolina

Fort Sumter, Charleston, South Carolina

Most of the damage you see in this picture was the product of relentless Union attempts to recapture the fort beginning in 1863. It’s estimated that over seven million tons of ammunition fell on Fort Sumter from the morning of April 12, 1861 until Union forces retook it on February 17, 1865. Less than two months later Confederate General Lee surrendered the Army of North Virginia at Appomattox.

Much of life feels like the constant barrage of Fort Sumter.

Many of you reading this blog wish that what the psalmist proclaimed would be your reality. When your head hits the pillow it is only the beginning of the barrage of thoughts, emotions and physical anguish in the timeless darkness of night.

From his conception in Mary’s womb to his ascension at the right hand of the Father, Jesus took the bombardment of hell for you. You see, the psalmist could sleep not because of his efforts but because of his God who made him live securely. Our souls find their rest in Jesus.

The rest that God gives us this side of the grave is only a small picture of the rest we will have with him when he fulfills his promise to bring his bride home on the day of resurrection.

Until then, may you find rest from beginning to end in the one who won the battle for you.

Copyright Douglas P Brauner

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