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A Dance Partner Who Doesn’t Step on Toes

February 7, 2016

God invites us to dance with him.

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“Once again I will build you up,
and you will be rebuilt,
my dear people Israel.
Once again you will take your tambourines,
and you will go dancing with happy people.”

Jeremiah 31:4 God’s Word to the Nations

Fox Run Regional Park, Black Forest, Colorado

Fox Run Regional Park, Black Forest, Colorado

Dancing does not come easy to me, but it seemed quite natural for these ducks as they gracefully paddled the pond with each other.

God calls us to dance with him.

The people of Israel had chosen the wrong dance partner. They had chosen to dance with the idols of surrounding nations. God was patient, waiting for them to return to the dance floor with him. Finally, he turned his back on Israel and sent them into exile.

But God didn’t forget his first love. He desired to dance with his people, so he frees them from captivity and dances again.

God desires to dance with us. He cleans us up. He dresses us in his righteousness. He invites us to his dance floor. He takes us in his arms and sings over us.

There is no dance like that in our Saviors arms.

Copyright Douglas P Brauner

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