PWTE Daily Devotion

The Eternal Purchase

October 2, 2017
by Rev Douglas Brauner

Jesus has paid for those things that matter most.

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This is the Marktplatz in Eisenach. Like all the Marktplatz we visited in Germany, a church,(St. George to the right), the Radhaus (the red town hall in the middle of this picture), and other places of business and culture surround the Marktplatz. At night the Marktplatz is quiet and tranquil but not for the rest of the day. For much of the day it is a bustling center of buying and selling.

Eisenach, Germany

Eisenach, Germany

If you visited the Marktplatz on a busy Saturday morning, what would you buy?

“Buy truth, and do not sell it; buy wisdom, instruction, and understanding.”
Proverb 23:23 English Standard Version

We are a culture that’s infatuated with things. I’m no different from anyone else. I have a blow money account that I’m using to buy more camera gear. But do I think of investing in truth, wisdom, instruction and understanding? They’re not on top of my list of things to buy.

My camera will break, my lenses will fail, but understanding, instruction, wisdom and truth endure into eternity.

The cash needed to buy these products already lines your pockets. It is the blood of Christ that has purchased these goods. They are yours now. This is the treasure that is laid up for us in heaven which moth and rust cannot destroy.

Through the gift of God’s Spirit may we appropriate these gifts on our daily journey this side of eternity.

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