Five Lessons for the Amateur Photographer- by Doug Brauner

May 23, 2015

Photo: Copyright the second fiddle

In this digital era most every one of us has a camera even if it’s only our cell phone. With these digital cameras we capture moments in time. As long as we have a computer, these time capsules don’t cost us anything to develop. As a result, there are more amateur photographers than ever (including yours truly).

Here is my list of five things that every amateur photographer needs to remember

1. Take your camera with you…everywhere.

This isn’t difficult if you have a cell phone. The key is remembering that you have a camera on you. You can also make sure your camera is in your car.

2. The camera will only take you so far.

No matter what Canon, Nikon and Sony tell you, there are limits to every camera. The camera can only take you so far, which leads to the next fact.

3. You’re more important than the camera.

The camera was not created in the image of God, you were. You’re a created and redeemed child of God who sees the world as only you can.  It is this worldview that you attempt to capture in pixels.

4. It’s all about telling a story.

Our worldview is told through stories.  A beautiful picture captivates us because it tells a story even if it’s a landscape. When you’re ready to push the shutter button ask yourself, “Why is the picture important to me?” More than likely, it’s telling you a story.

5. The story we tell is God’s story.

Most importantly, with camera in hand, remember that this story is connected to God’s story of your life. His redeeming love in Jesus is reflected in your slice of time captured on your camera.

Feel free to add to this list in the comments below. I’m anxious to see what you write!

Don’t forget to have fun! That’s what photography is all about.

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  • Lynda Lorenz June 2, 2015 at 4:19 am

    Well said, well said. As I read that, I kept hearing myself say, “Yes, that’s exactly why I take my camera everywhere and exactly why I enjoy photography.” Only you were able to put my thoughts into words, thank you. While I have not yet explored the digital darkroom, as you call it, I am mostly happy (along with quite a number of others) with my photos and it’s most likely what’s behind my procrastination of learning the editing process. But I know that if I am to progress within this field, I must learn it. Your reasoning has helped me see it from a different viewpoint in a good way.

    For now though, if I don’t like the landscape pictures I take, I usually wait and know that God will provide another opportunity. He never stops, so there will always be a next one. Or if I can’t quite get the right shot or get to a place to get the shot that I want, I just figure that one was just for me in my mind. I know with events and people that strategy doesn’t always work.

    I’ll have to admit, being one that is anxious to learn as much as I can where I can about taking pictures, you got me with your list of 5 tips. However, they have been the best ones yet and will help me keep an even better perspective when I take my next shots.

    Thanks so much. God bless.

    Lynda Lorenz

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