PWTE Daily Devotion

“Don’t Fence Me In!”

February 24, 2016

God’s commands lead us to Christ.

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“How blessed is the one who does not follow the advice of the wicked,
or stand in the pathway with sinners,
or sit in the assembly of scoffers!
Instead he finds pleasure in obeying the LORD’s commands;
he meditates on his commands day and night.”

Psalm 1:1 New English Translation

Some people look at fences and wonder what’s on the other side. Other people look at fences and give thanks for the protection they give. Others wonder why fences are where they are. And then there are people, like me, who look at fences and get all emotional because fences do something to their psyche.

Wet Valley, Colorado

Wet Valley, Colorado

Fences are not neutral and neither are God’s commands.

Some of us look at the commands of God and believe they keep us from having “fun.” Others of us look at God’s commands and worship them as if they can save us. Still others of us wonder how far God wants us to go in obeying his commands. And then others of us look at the commands and get all emotional about their effect on our lives.

God’s calls us to meditate on his commands. His commands are not neutral. God’s law sets the boundaries of life. God’s law leads us to the cross. God’s law centers our life in Christ.

No matter our view of God’s law, when we meditate on them we must conclude that apart from Jesus, we’d be lost.  He has kept God’s commands and borne our sin.  His death was our penalty for not obeying God.  And in Jesus we’re set free to view God’s commandments from a position of life.

No matter our view of God’s commands, they are his Word and they have the power to lead us to Jesus.

Copyright Douglas P Brauner

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