PWTE Daily Devotion

Seeing Jesus

March 5, 2016

Life is different with our eyes focused on Jesus.

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“I will not put anything wicked in front of my eyes.
I hate what unfaithful people do. I want no part of it.”

Psalm 101:3 God’s Word to the Nations

After our first year of parish work, Janice and I met friends from seminary at a dude ranch in Montana. I could barely walk after a few short hours of riding on our first day.

Estes Park, Colorado

Estes Park, Colorado

I rode the same horse the entire week. Granted this was over thirty years ago and I don’t remember the  horse’s name but I do remember one of his characteristics: He was blind in one eye. This made for an interesting experience our last day.

We took a ride along a beautiful river on our last day.  At one point the side of the trail dropped off steely toward the river while a rock wall rose quickly on the other side. On the ride in my horse’s good eye was toward the river, on the way out it was toward the rock cliff. There wasn’t any problem on the way in, but the way out was a little scary as the horse’s good eye focused on the rock wall.

When our thoughts and intentions are focused on wickedness our life’s journey is different then when they are focused on Jesus. I’m not saying that things will be easier or better when we focus our thoughts and will on Jesus but that the character of this kind of life will be different than when all we see is that which breaks God’s heart.

May we turn our eyes to Jesus and see what the journey brings.

Copyright Douglas P Brauner

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