PWTE Daily Devotion

Access to Grace

April 19, 2016

Even in times of struggle, God provides access to his grace through Christ.

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“When you open your hand, you satisfy the hunger and thirst of every living thing.” 
Psalm 145:16 New Living Translation

Spring snowstorms are typical in Colorado, but that doesn’t make them any less bitter. Before this snowstorm hit, I had (note I said “had”) two beautiful daffodils growing next to my driveway. Every year they seem to struggle but not this year, at least until they were covered with snow.

April 19The birds arrived early this year and were quickly eating me out of birdseed, but I haven’t seen one of them today. And even if they did arrive, they would find it difficult to eat. One side of this feeder is completely blocked off by snow, but notice how the other side remains open. If a starving bird arrived, looking for food, it could flit its way to the protected side to find seeds.

When we face turbulent times it seems that our way to God’s nourishment is often blocked. Many people have told me that during their struggles they cannot pray, read the Bible or gather with others who follow Christ. I’ve been there, too.

However, the truth of King David’s words to Israel are also meant for us today. God opens his hand and satisfies the desires of our hearts even when it seems that the way to his grace and mercy is blocked. He satisfies us when we’re experiencing grief, bitterness, and fear. God’s grace is always available because of Christ.

By the way, I just looked out the window and two birds were eating from the feeder as the snow falls and wind howls. Indeed, God provides. He satisfies the desires of every living creature.

Text and Picture Copyright Douglas P Brauner

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