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March 1, 2016

Though the world around us changes, God never will.

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Though I know that erosion is real, when I see pictures of early settlers in Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak looks the same then as it does now. The things that give the mountain a different look are the changes in atmospheric conditions and the cycle of seasons. Otherwise the mountain doesn’t change…much.

Pikes Peak, Colorado

Pikes Peak, Colorado

“Before the mountains were born,
before you gave birth to the earth and the world,
from beginning to end, you are God.”

Psalm 90:2 New Living Translation

Even though I might not perceive the changes in Pikes Peak, erosion is affecting the mountain. The streams that flow from her peak carry sediment to the eastern high plains. As the mountain changes, God doesn’t.

The psalmist declares that God is the same God before creation, during the time of creation and after creation ceases to exist. The psalmist is not saying that we fully understand the character of God, but we can trust that he will not change.

Erosion does not affect God.

Though society may feel like it’s eroding around us, wearing away the foundations of our lives, God can be trusted. His nature never changes. The cross of Jesus Christ is proof that God never changes. The forgiveness that Jesus won for you is as real today as it was before the foundation of the world and as it will be for eternity.

“From beginning to end, you are God.”

Copyright Douglas P Brauner

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