PWTE Daily Devotion

Mirror Image

June 3, 2016

Time for reflection.

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Do you ever notice how a duck swims? They glide erratically over the water, never running into other ducks, looking down. I’ve always wondered if ducks notice their reflection in the water? It seems they are so focused on finding food that their reflection goes unnoticed. Their purpose is feeding themselves and perhaps a family.  Maybe their duck companions use another duck’s reflection to identify them.


Whether or not ducks notice their reflection, humans are a species that spend some time looking at their reflections. We can identify ourselves pretty quickly in a mirror. We check ourselves out to see what our outside appearance is reflecting to others. Will others like what they see?

“As a face is reflected in water, so the heart reflects the real person.”
Proverbs 27:19 New Living Translation

We also reflect what is living in our heart, soul and mind. Is the source of our reflection Christ, or a different mirror image?  Are you aware of what you reflect from within?  Have you ever been in conversation with someone you don’t know well and, in the midst of it, they ask if you are a Christian? You weren’t even talking about God, but somehow you reflected Him through your attitude, your spirit. And that’s our purpose—to be a reflection of Christ to those who are looking to see life more clearly. So whenever you see a duck’s reflection or look at your own, be mindful of Who you are reflecting to others.

“Oh, that my actions would consistently reflect your decrees! Then I will not be ashamed when I compare my life with your commands.”
Psalm 119:5,6 New Living Translation


Text and Picture Copyright Desiree Bustamante

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