PWTE Podcast Episode 027: Faithful

June 15, 2016
Erwin Nickodemus

Erwin Nickodemus

Pastor Doug Brauner is joined by his brother-in-law, Steve Nickodemus, In this episode of the Praying With Eyes podcast. The previous day Steve had buried his 98-year-old father with whom he had lived for the past year and a half. They share memories and talk about what it takes to care for an aging parent. They also share words of encouragement for those who are care givers.

Steve Nickodemus Blog: “Faithful”
teve also wrote a follow-up blog: “Nothing Permanent”

Scripture: (Each scripture is linked to biblegateway.com)

  1. Matthew 25:23
  2. Revelation 2:7
  3. Revelation 2:11
  4. Revelation 2:17
  5. Revelation 2:26-28
  6. Revelation 3:5
  7. Revelation 3:12
  8. Revelation 3:21


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