PWTE Podcast Episode 028: Can Christians Be Optimists?

July 1, 2016

IMG_20151219_073020853In this episode of the Praying With The Eyes podcast, Pastor Doug Brauner and Richelle Hecker  explore the issue of optimism in relationship to pessimism and realism. Can Christians be optimists? And if so, how does Christian optimism differ from others. In their discussion they talk about the difference between optimism based on humanity and that which is based on redemption. At the end of the podcast they discuss Dave Brukiewa’s blog, “Unbelievable,” and how the freedom we have in Christ encourages us to be optimists. 

Blog by David Brukiewa: Unbelievable

NPR TED Radio Hour: The Case for Optimism. Scroll down to May 6, 2016. This is the podcast that spurred the question for Pastor Doug as to whether Christians can be optimists or not.


Scripture: (passages are linked to Biblegateway.com)

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