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Letter of Recommendation

August 2, 2016

Why would I want you?

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“You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everybody.”
2 Corinthians 3:2

As a pastor I am often asked to write letters of recommendation for someone I know applying for a job.  The person seeking a position thinks that my description of their integrity, work ethic, loyalty, compassion, zealousness, and motivation will help land them the job they seek.  The person hopes that my letter will convince the employer to hire them.

August 02Saint Paul says in 2 Corinthians that the members of the church in Corinth are his letters of recommendation to others.  Letters that would convince others of the truth and compassion of God in Jesus Christ.  When unbelievers saw those early Christians, saw their love and mercy, their generosity and unselfishness, their courage and their faith, those unbelievers would believe in the God who had written His message into their hearts.

Someone once wisely said that the only Bible most people will ever read is you and me.  The only letter written by Jesus Christ is the one written on our hearts.  So… what are people reading on your heart?  What do they see there?  Do they see Jesus Christ written there in large letters?  Do they see the message of forgiveness that comes from God, the message of the cross, the message of reconciliation in Jesus?

Or do they see hard heartedness, selfishness, bitterness, conflict, worry, and strife written on our hearts and daily lives?  If an unbeliever is reading you as his letter of recommendation to Jesus Christ and His Way, would he want to interview you, find out more about whom you are representing?  Or would he need to look elsewhere for a recommendation to Jesus?

I am convicted here as I write this devotional.  I confess that too often I am not a worthy letter of recommendation to Jesus Christ and His Good News.  I confess that when people look into my heart and my life they too often see my sin, not my Savior.

And then I pray that prayer that I taught to my sons as a bedtime prayer long ago…

“Jesus, Savior, wash away, all that has been wrong today.
Help me every day to be, good and gentle, more like Thee.”

Lord Jesus, keep reshaping and rewriting me as Your letter of recommendation for You.  I want to be a great letter of recommendation for You, that all might want to know you and come into Your kingdom.  May Your will be done in my life. Amen.

Text and Picture Copyright Steve Nickodemus


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