PWTE Podcast Episode 030: Is the Church Losing Its Voice?

August 1, 2016

VoicelessIs the church losing its voice in the world? That’s the question that Director of Christian Education intern, Taylor Wheeler, and Pastor Doug Brauner tackle in this thirtieth episode of the Praying With The Eyes podcast. They talk about the importance of love, speaking truth, and defending life to the prophetic voice of the church in the world.

Blog: Is the Church Losing Her Voice?

Quotes from Carlo Carretto, The God Who Comes

“Defending life, witnessing light, living out love, these remain forever and for every occasion the divine background of prophecy; they are the specific duty of anyone who calls upon God, following Christ’s unmistakable example…
“An assembly where people do not love each other, where they accuse each other, where there is rancor or hatred, cannot call itself prophetic…
“A person who keeps silent about the truth, who hides the light, is not a prophet…“A people which kills, which deteriorates the quality of life, which suffocates the poor, which is not free, is not a prophetic people.”
quoted in
A Guide to Prayer for Ministers and Other Servants. P. 232

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