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Locked in Promises

November 27, 2017

 Did God Really Say….?

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The first temptation came from the Garden of Eden in the form of these words, “Did God really say…?” Satan didn’t question God’s words but His motivation and meaning behind those words.  Frequently that’s where my own temptations are rooted.  I know what God has said, but I question His meaning.

There are times too when I am confused about what God has actually said. This happens when I believe He has given me a specific promise or plan in my life. When I have prayed for direction the answers are less tangible. For example I know that God called me to Colorado, but even when I go through my journaling from that time I sometimes question how I came to that conclusion. Did God really say to come here? Where’s the evidence of His calling?

It gets more complicated when waiting for something to happen we believe He has promised. That’s when we question whether we heard Him correctly. Did we just believe something we wanted to be true? Is my hope in what He said or in what I made up? Asking these questions isn’t a sin, but it can be a temptation. It depends on where we go for our answer.

SAM_2057Today’s photo was taken on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. These locks are placed all over the bridge as declarations of love and promises. I wonder if they toss the keys over the bridge or keep them just in case. Has anyone walked back out there with giant cutters to break a lock whose promise failed? Does the city come out and cut them off periodically?

I know whom I have believed, and I am convinced that He is able to guard what I have entrusted to Him until that day.” 
2 Timothy 1:12 New American Standard Bible

When I question what God has said, I have learned to return to the things that are locked. The promises He has fulfilled that can never be undone.  He has proven Himself trustworthy through promises kept, so I can walk with confidence.

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