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Come To Life

September 10, 2016

Finding The Way Back Home.

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Colorado’s “Come to Life” ongoing tourism campaign recently generated quite the buzz, not to mention a huge return on investment for the state.  Television commercials, print ads and online social media posts all depict tranquil lake scenes, bold rock-climbing adventures, and beautiful sweeping landscapes.  Strategically-placed radio spots beckon us to find ourselves, engage in quality family time, and get back to nature.  The campaign beseeches us to leave our hectic pre-occupied lives and experience true living.   Translation:  Come to Colorado, and get a life. Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

After a great deal of soul-searching, our family recently relocated back to Colorado.  Our journey was not an easy one.  We moved to both Tennessee and Indiana within the three years after my husband’s 2013 military retirement, prior to circling back to the Centennial State.  We were always seeking more – better cost of living, good schools, the right job, a bigger house for the money, lower tax rate, etc.  It is not that these locations did not have much to offer, it was that none of them felt like home.

We kept hearing the small whisper (and sometimes the loud clang) beseeching us to come back to Colorado.  Everyone we ran into mentioned Colorado.  License plates and bumper stickers from Colorado kept entering our vision.  Television shows and commercials referred to Colorado.    And yes:  the Colorado “Come to Life” marketers tugged at our heartstrings.  Military families usually have one duty station where they feel the most connected, at peace and alive.  For us, that location was Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Often, we also stray from the path God wants us to follow, and He calls us to come home.  We would rather occupy our lives with worldly distractions that do not satisfy our hunger for peace.  To have faith in and chase after the false hope of this life in place of the grace and peace only Christ can provide, is to not fully live.  We must remember that Christ IS life.

” The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.
I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”
John 10:10 English Standard Version

Do you feel God encouraging you to move closer to Him?

I pray that you trust in the Holy Spirit, and heed the call to:   Come to Christ.  Come to Life.

Text Copyright:  Darcia Kunkel
Picture Copyright: Douglas P Brauner

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