The Weakness of God – by Mark Vincent Vicari

June 25, 2015

God loved the world so intensely,
He decided to give up His only born Son to death.
So that anyone who believes in Him, will not die…
but instead live forever. –
John 3:16 – [Paraphrased]

Copyright korafotomorgana "embrace 3726" Flickr

Copyright korafotomorgana “embrace 3726” Flickr

Someone you love dearly, deeply…profoundly, has hurt you, has done you harm, done something wrong… perhaps even very wrong. Then, however the moment is brought about, they come to you in anguish, they weep and say they are sorry over and over again, as they cling to your chest.

You are not mad. You hold no judgment. You don’t care in the least bit what it was they have done. You don’t even want to listen to them apologize. You just- want them- to stop- crying; to stop hurting.

That is the desire that consumes you at that moment. Your love rises up like an overwhelming wave that blots out the stars! It engulfs you in a saturating intense singular thought! You must make their pain stop! Whatever it was they did, is as irrelevant as a mote of dust in the farthest reaches of the world.

Their guilt is as a single tear before the sun.

untitled (11 of 223)-2God owns all the “omni” titles. God is omnipresent. God is omniscient. God is omnipotent. God is all holy. God is truth. God is justice. … Do not be fooled. All of those things combined flicker like a guttering candle’s flame before the indescribable, uncontainable, uncontrollable blazing conflagration of His love.

A lie of anything less than that comes from the father of lies. He uses all lies to convince us to think, “that thing” we did, separates us from God. “That thing” that we are, cannot be loved. So then, in thinking that, we do not run to God’s arms in the Throne of Grace. But that is a lie! Nothing can sever the bond between us and God’s love!

What can tear us away from God’s love?
Tribulations or distresses?
What if we are persecuted, or starved by famine?
What if we lose all things and are naked?
Will peril, or violence?
I believe wholly that nothing in life, nor even death, not angels,
not authorities or greater powers, nothing now, and nothing in all things to come,
no height, no depth… nothing in all that was created to exist…
will ever be able to cause separation between us,
and the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. –
Romans 8: 35+38 – [P]

It’s the opposite that is true! It is our sins that are infinitely separated from Him!

The span of distance between the east and the west,
that is how far God has separated our sins from us. –  Psalm 103:12 – [P]

Your sins! Your worst, darkest, dirtiest, filthy sins? Your sick, failing, pathetic weaknesses?
He doesn’t even remember them! Let alone care!

Understand! I, the LORD, it is ME!
I Am who eradicates your sins…because I want to!
I will not remember your sins.
–  Isaiah 43:25 – [P]

Don’t you understand? He died for you while you were already at your unholy worst!

God, exposed how deep His love for us is,
in that while we were still unholy sinners…
Christ died for us. 
Romans 5:8 – [P]

So rest assured, after the fact, He’s not concerned about your failings.
He just wants you to stop hurting!
He just wants to love you.

The same way a father pities his children,
this is how God pities those who put their trust in him. 
Psalm 103:13 – [P]

He’s obsessed with the yearning of it. If He were an earthly lover, no one would have a hard time getting Him labeled a stalker, and having a restraining order issued. He numbers our hairs, chronicles and saves our tears, and carves our names into His palms!

The hairs on your head, all of them…
are numbered.
Matthew 10:30 – [P]

You number each step to my wanderings.
You collect my tears in your bottle.
I know You even keep record of them in your book.
Psalm 56:8 – [P]

Look! I have carved you on the palms of my hands.Isaiah 49:16 – [P]

You must understand, that in all the list of God’s all-powerful natures, it is His love that is all-powerful among them. That is the weakness of God. It snuffed out His wrath. It washed away His judgment. It brought all His infinity down to earth, and made God human. He died for it. Then not even death could restrain His love for you. He had to come back, and He did. Ever since conquering the tomb He now stands, arms wide open.

Do not be afraid.

“God is no match for you. His love is His weakness.
It makes Him as fragile as a bubble, and as weak as a feather in a gale.
It’s already gotten Him killed once.” Me – Quote #999 from “My Views” (Currently Unpublished)


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