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Never Wear Out

July 24, 2017

Rejoicing Where You Are

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“Indeed, forty years You provided for them in the wilderness and they were not in want; their clothes did not wear out, nor did their feet swell.” 
Nehemiah 9:21 New American Standard Bible.

This verse comes out of Ezra’s prayer of praise to God for all He had done for Israel. I usually read this account with amazement that for forty years their clothes didn’t wear out in that desert place. This time, however, I spent more time contemplating.

Their clothes did not wear out, but what about their hearts? These people grew up and lived wandering in a desert place for forty years with no home of their own. They wore the same clothes and shoes and ate the exact same thing every day. They had just enough for each day but little more. If they had anything extra, it was what they carried out of Egypt on the day of their deliverance where treasures were quickly thrust at them as they were encouraged to leave. These treasures became burdens as they hauled them along. They did this for a promise, a belief that God had a better place prepared for them.

sam_1313Can you relate? Have some of your blessings become burdens as well? Is God providing exactly what you need, sometimes not a moment too soon, and no more? In this picture of people we see visiting New Orleans, I see many types of shoes that will likely wear out.  I see feet that may swell after a long day of walking. Still God has promised to provide for their needs, and I know this group of people were there to praise God for His goodness that day.

If you are in a desert place waiting to get where God is taking you it’s time to reassess your attitude. If God is providing for your needs praise Him.  If He has provided you with extra blessings be thankful for them rather than carrying them around like burdens. Praising God on your journey will lighten your heart and renew your joy, keeping your heart from wearing out.

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