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November 21, 2016

Not Holding Anything Back from Praising God…

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“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.”
Psalm 150:6

On the back east wall of the sanctuary at Trinity, there is a mighty rank of organ pipes.  The organ is an electronic/pneumatic organ; that is, the organ can be played just using the electronically produced sound that issues out the speakers in the front of the church.  This sound is excellent and used for most worship services.

organ-pipesBut if the organist chooses, he or she may employ the rank of pipes in the back of the church as well.  When that happens, a truly amazing sound is created.  The whole church seems to vibrate to the music being played, and the sound seems to come from every corner of the nave.

You might say, when an organist does that, that she is holding nothing back, nothing is held in reserve, every possible note is sounded that can be sounded, every note played that can be played.  Every breath of that organ is heard, every note of praise is proclaimed.

In your life, what are you holding back from praise to God?  Have you closed in and held for yourself parts of your heart?  Are you reserving for yourself portions of your time, your money, your vision, holding them back from God?  Do you keep certain parts of your life secret from your Redeemer, coveting them for your own pleasure?

Sadly, the answer for everyone of us is “yes.”  We all pretend that we can keep back from the Creator who gave us life and breath, parts of our life.  We want to preserve for ourselves ownership and control of what is not rightly ours.

For not only did God create you and me and give us life, He sent His own Son, who held nothing back and breathed out His last breath that you might be saved.  He opened wide His arms and His heart upon the cross and breathed forgiveness upon this selfish world.

The Lord who gave us earthly life and eternal life calls upon you and me to hold nothing back from Him. Let every corner of your heart be opened to His control.  Let every ounce of your being proclaim Him as Savior and Lord.   Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

Text and Picture Copyright Steve Nickodemus


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