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You Are Loved

December 6, 2016

On Being a Child of God.

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“See how He loved him!”
John 11:36, New International Version

These words are spoken of a weeping Jesus as he stood near the grave of his friend Lazarus.  He really did love Lazarus.  You know the story.  You know that others criticized Jesus for not acting to prevent the death of Lazarus.  You know that Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.  But now, in this Advent Season, simply hear the truth of those words, “See how He loved him!”

Now, picture yourself as the object of Christ’s love.  Because you are.  See how He loves you!  Look not to Lazarus’ tomb, but to your own one day.  Christ has emptied it of any power.  Christ has changed its very function.  It functions as a reminder that our dwelling place is with him, where he is.  Always.  See how He loves you!

december-06Our oldest son and his wife welcomed their first child into the world earlier this year.  When I look at this picture of my son holding his one-hour-old son, I know the love there.  I know what that love is like.  Likely you do too.  How much he loves him!

I met with a teenage girl, along with her parents, in my office earlier this year.  She was afraid God could not love her.  She didn’t know how to trust his love for her.  I finally asked her what she thought Jesus thought of her.  She couldn’t answer.  We talked about Christ’s coming, his life, his suffering, his crucifixion, his death, his resurrection—all for her.  What would Christ say to her in the midst of her fear?  “You are the love of my life!”  That’s what he says.  I will never forget the tears of relief when this young sister in Christ knew she could trust those words.  “You are the love of my life!”

How much Jesus loves you!  Receive him again today, his arms spread wide to embrace you and your life.  The Coming Christ comes to you as the One who loves you.

Text and picture, copyright Don Schatz.

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