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A Friend Loves

December 8, 2016

At all times.

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pp-1“A friend loves at all times,
    and a brother is born for a time of adversity.”
Proverbs 17:17 New International Version

I have been blessed to know friendship that loves at all times. This blog could rightly consist of a list of names that illustrate the fact. Of course it would only be meaningful to me. Perhaps you have been similarly blessed and can think of your own list of names.

This advent it might be good to spend time focusing on some of those friendships.

Some are beloved simply because they have been there for so long. They are rich soil of relationship that consists of laughter and tears. Through it all they just seem to stick. Secrets are known, failings are forgiven, and “remember the time when…” is commonplace. There is a comfort that can only come with time. Distance does not divide and time only intensifies the love that is shared. We realize that the opportunity to begin similar friendships to these diminishes as we grow older and they become even more precious.

Family can be difficult. We don’t get to choose our family so those of us blessed with good ones must feel all the more blessed. My brother and sisters are precious to me. In recent years of adversity they have rallied even more close. And I have realized that time is fleeting, we can press in and make our family relationships a priority or we can wait for a day when we will say “if only I had…” Choose love this season. Even if the estranged family member ultimately rejects it, you will avoid the “if onlys”.

New friendships are fun, sometimes awkward, and surprising. As I have gotten older I have found less time for new relationships. They take time to seek out so when they happen they tend to surprise me. All of the sudden I’m walking my path and this person next to me is less a stranger and suddenly we are friends. There are new perspectives, new experiences and new ways to love and be loved. Go to a new party this advent where you don’t know everyone. See what God might have for you there.

Lord, remind us of the friends that we have, the love that is shown to us and that You show through us. Make us friends who love at all times, brothers born for adversity. Teach us to lift each other up. You bless us with each other. Teach us to love.

Copyright text David Brukiewa Photo by Doug Brauner

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