PWTE Podcast Episode 041: What’s So Great about the Bible?

January 16, 2017

Many people struggle with reading the Bible. They don’t know where to begin or why it’s important to spend time in the Bible. Richelle Hecker and Pastor Doug Brauner talk about their joys and struggles with reading the Bible and about its importance. They ask two questions: 1)why should we read the Bible, and 2) how might we begin reading it.

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One Method for Reading the Bible

#1 Start with What Is Most Important: Read one of the Gospels. Richelle’s suggestion: The Gospel of Luke, Pastor Doug’s suggestion: The Gospel of Mark.
#2 Face Your Fears and Go a Little Deeper: Read one of Paul’s letters like Romans or Galatians
#3 Challenge Yourself to Read the Entire Bible: Find a reading schedule that works for you. This doesn’t have to be done in any set time or any set order. Here is a link to Biblegateway’s webpage with reading plans.
#4 Pray, Pray, Pray: Let the portion of the Bible you are reading form you conversation with God.

Scripture: (Each passage is linked to biblegateway.com)



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  • susan umland January 17, 2017 at 10:46 am

    Great podcast. Lots of good comments & ideas.

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