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Restless Heart

March 10, 2017

Being Still: Easier Said Than Done.

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“Be still and know that I am God.
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!”
Psalm 46:10 English Standard Version

I have a restless heart. I fidget. Being still has never been easy for me.

My thoughts race constantly, as I run through daily mental to do lists. I try to quiet my mind, but uninvited thoughts always creep in. I jump from one project to the next and from one job to another. I call it work ADD.

My stepdad’s adage for me rings true: “Come on paint, let’s get where we ain’t!”

My prayers used to include asking for the gift of patience. Big mistake – God answered by giving me tons of situations requiring that trait, including children, military deployments, and multiple moves.

If I am truly honest with myself, what I really am is unsatisfied. I do not think lack of contentment was what the Lord had in mind for our daily lives. If so, we end up spending our days looking for the next big thing, and wanting the next upgraded item on the sales rack. The luster of that new job, new car, new house, or new computer soon wears off and we are left always wanting more. It is why marketing and advertising work so well. They feed on our inability to be fulfilled with what we already possess.

I love this photo of the back of the Broadmoor hotel, in Colorado Springs,  because the pond is so peaceful. There are no waves or large ripples in the water. The calm allows the nuances of the beautiful buildings, and the vast sky above, to transpire in the reflection.

When we are still and allow God to speak softly to us, our purpose and His brilliance come into focus. It is often difficult to do in today’s hustle and bustle world, but I pray that you will find a little tranquility today for the Lord to enter into your life.

Photo and Text Copyright: Darcia Kunkel

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