PWTE Daily Devotion

A Season of Renewal

March 14, 2017

“The Salt Peddler”

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Salt is good; but if salt has lost its saltiness, how can you season it? Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace with one another.’”
Mark 9:50; New Revised Standard Version

There was a church known for not always getting along with one another.

A man came to worship one Sunday.  He had a lumpy sack on his shoulder.  He sat in the pew, tucking the sack beneath his seat.  He sang the songs and prayed the prayers.  He said all the right lines at just the right places.

‘He must be one of us,’ the people thought, ‘though he doesn’t look familiar.’

After worship people greeted the man as a friend.  They offered him a cup of tea and put a donut in his hand.  They quizzed him on his fine worship style.

“You don’t look exactly like us,” they said.

“But you sing right.”

“And you pray right.”

“You stand up and sit down automatically at just the right places.”

“Yup, I guess you’re alright.”

“Say, what’s in your sack?” someone asked the man.

“Ah,” the visitor said.  “Let me show you.”  With that, he lifted the sack and set it on a table.  He pulled the draw string, opening wide the mouth of the sack.  The people leaned forward with anticipation.  They saw a sack full of white crystals.

“Salt,” the man said with a smile.  “I thought perhaps the church could use a little salt.  You know, a ‘season’ of renewal?  Get it?” he said with a wink and a chuckle.

“Don’t see what’s so funny,” they said in unison.  “We are fine the way we are, thank you very much.  No salt needed.”  They opened the door for him.

“Ah, I see,” said the man.  “Not the right season for you then?”  He couldn’t help a bit of a smile.  The door closed behind him.

Jesus left the bag of salt right outside the door.  Just in case.  Then he went on his way, whistling as he walked.  There was a lumpy sack on his shoulder.

Lent can be an intentional Season of Renewal.  Journey with Christ to the cross and tomb.  Renew your devotion, your Faith, your Life.

Text and picture copyright Don Schatz

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