PWTE Daily Devotion

Mesmerized by the Light

May 18, 2017

The light of Christ sets us free to experience life.

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The contrast between light and darkness, between day and night, are intricately related to each other. The light and the darkness are both present for this young girl. Each creates a different point of view. The light and the darkness shape her perspective of life.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

She appears to be mesmerized by the light, fixated on something that has been illuminated by it. There have been many times that I’ve been mesmerized by light. For example, I love staring into camp fire. The light moves with every flame, dancing and dispelling the darkness. A few years back, I spent an evening in front of a fire, burning in my fireplace, taking pictures of the flames. Not one picture looked like another.

However, there is nothing mesmerizing about the darkness, unless a person equates fear with being enthralled with the darkness. I don’t like it. It is difficult to find your way in the dark. I visited the Mark Twain Cave near Hannibal, Missouri many years ago. At one point our tour guide turned out the lights. We were enveloped in absolute darkness. Our eyes never adjusted. There was no freedom.

“The Word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.”
John 1:4-5 New Living Translation

Many people claim that there is no freedom in being a Christian; they claim that laws, rules and regulations restrict our freedom. The opposite is true. Since Jesus is the light that shines in the darkness of this fallen world, we experience freedom in Christ to see the world in a new way. We’re set free to see God’s mark on creation and his breath of life sustaining us. We are no longer trapped in our darkness, but set free to be mesmerized by His light.

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