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Embracing Hope When There’s Miles to Travel

July 21, 2015

Hope in the promises of God helps us endure life’s journey

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“I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and with hope I wait for his word.”
Psalm 130:5 God’s Word to the Nations

Many people make the mountains of Colorado their vacation destination. They come in the winter for the world class skiing and in the summer for rafting, climbing and fishing. Many of these visitors come from our neighboring state of Kansas.

Please understand that I have nothing against Kansas. I drove many miles through Kansas, traveling to visit my son who attended college in Oklahoma. However, it can seem like an eternity to reach a mountain retreat in the Rockies when driving through Kansas.

Chico Basin, Colorado

Chico Basin, Colorado

Then the first glimpse of Pike’s Peak or Mt. Evans appears and there’s hope. When these peaks first emerge they’re still miles away, but you can see your destination and embrace the hope that you will soon arrive.

Hope is powerful.

The mountain to which our hope looks is the word of God’s promise, yet it’s hard to have hope when we don’t hear that word. Think about how many hours in the day we’re bombarded with words that don’t flow from the mouth of God. These words influence our thoughts and behaviors, and we’re left with little hope when we follow these words.

God’s word of promise is always on the horizon, and it’s this word that gives us hope. The word of promise is the word of forgiveness in the blood of Jesus. This word of promise is the word that we’re never abandoned by God. This word of promise is the word that we’re going to see the Lamb who was slain for us.

The word of promise is the word of hope.

Copyright Douglas P. Brauner

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