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Forty-Something and Fried

June 6, 2017

God’s Answer to Exhaustion

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Take my yoke upon you and learn from me,
for I am gentle and humble in heart,
and you will find rest for your souls.”
Matthew 11: 28-29 New International Version

I recently wrote a book, 40-Something and Fried, which humorously examines the lives of stressed out mothers of my age. While light and fun the book also hits home for many of us who struggle with identity, time management, and overall exhaustion at this point in our journey on this earth.

The book aims to commiserate with and uplift moms, wives, and women of all ages, but also offers tips on how to survive – including the occasional chocolate bar and glass of wine. While not written from a spiritual perspective, it does touch on faith as an important piece in an overall approach to help navigate the emotional ups and downs of life.

Where does Christ point us to when we feel overwhelmed and underappreciated? To Himself! He asks us to lay all of those burdens down before him, and not to carry the heavy load we all often do. He comes to us with a gentle and humble heart, so that we may have peace. Following the ways of the world and using the things within it to self-soothe will not work in the long-run. He knows our sorrow and pain from experience, and invites us to let Him show us the way to true reconciliation.

We are often so sapped from our daily lives that we continue the cycle of not relying on the One who actually can address our concerns. We miss the big picture. While a good book, chocolate, or a glass of wine may temporarily seem to ease our troubles a bit, only Christ can do the heavy lifting.

Lord, help me always to trust you to ease the burden of my troubles, for you promise rest for the wearied soul.

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