PWTE Daily Devotion

Couple’s Night

June 26, 2017

God’s love sets us free to love as he loves us.

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“Dear friends, since God loved us that much, we surely ought to love each other.”
1 John 4:11 New Living Translation

I have a playground for taking pictures. It’s my backyard. In the evening I will often pull my camera out, choose a lens, and walk out into the amazing world of my backyard. There are flowers, birds and bees to fill my memory card. Ginger and Cali often become the subjects of my pictures (as long as they’re willing to cooperate).

House Finches dominate my backyard bird feeders, though Lesser Goldfinches will make an occasional appearance.

To help me in my quest for interesting pictures are three bird feeders. My hummingbird feeder hasn’t attracted any hummingbirds yet, but the House Finches love it. In fact, House Finches love all three of my feeders. I especially look for those moments when a male and female finch attack one of the feeders at the same time.

This pair seemed to be enjoying their couple’s evening at the feeder. At times there are so many finches that they chase each other off their perches. But not on this evening. Both birds were content to feed at the same time.

Through the mercy of God’s love for us in Jesus, we don’t have to fight for our rights, privileges and honors. Instead, God sets us free to love each other as he has loved us. A friend of mine shared with me how he listened to his brother for three hours on the phone. He felt freed by God’s love to listen because his brother needed to talk. Because of the amazing sacrifice Jesus made for us, we’re free to act in ways that display his love.

We don’t need to look for these opportunities, as they will daily present themselves to us. Instead, we ought to pray for God to open our eyes…and our hearts…to these opportunities.

My gracious God, you have loved me in ways that I cannot fully comprehend. Let me see today those opportunities where I can reflect your love. And give me the courage and power to act. Amen.

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