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Living Life from the Perspective of Sunrises and Sunsets

July 7, 2016

God is always with us whether we’re living in the sunrise or the sunset of life.

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“From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the LORD is to be praised!”
Psalm 113:3 English Standard Version

Some of us are sunrise people and others are sunset people. I’m not talking about whether one is more beautiful than the other. They are both equally stunning and dazzling. They both happen over mountains and oceans, over plains and deserts.

Palmer Park, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Palmer Park, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Sunsets and sunrises signify two different views of life.

Sunrises compel us to look forward. Sunsets compel us to look backwards. Sunrises stir anticipation about the future, sunsets inspire us to look back on what has been.

There are those of us reading this blog who would describe our lives in terms of sunrises not sunsets and those who would describe them in terms of sunsets not sunrises. Our description of life lived in either one or the other is not about age, but about what we’re experiencing.

One is not better than the other; just a statement of reality. What’s important is that our loving God is with us at sunrise, sunset and the time in between.

Whether we find ourselves at sunrise, sunset, or somewhere in between, God’s name is lifted up by his forgiven and restored people.

Text and Picture Copyright Douglas P Brauner

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