PWTE Daily Devotion

Prestige and Power

September 28, 2017
by Zach Roll

All Belongs to God.

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“For the pillars of the earth are the Lord’s, and on them he has set the world.”
1 Samuel 2:8 English Standard Version

When you see pillars on a building, you would probably associate that building with a person of great wealth, power, and influence. Just look at some of the government buildings around the world and the palaces that belong to rulers. Pillars are a statement, a showcase of power and authority. In 1 Samuel 2:8, scripture tells us that the whole world is set upon the pillars of the Lord.

A few weeks ago, Pastor Jeffrey preached on Romans 13, at Holy Cross, a powerful and relevant sermon in these times. In Romans 13, Paul writes that we are to respect the governing authorities, for they are only in that position by the power and will of God. I know that this passage can ruffle some feathers, as it is also often used to discredit Christianity by people who interpret this passage to convey a religion made up so that people will lie in blind submission to authority. When we read through Romans 13, let us remember 1 Samuel 2:8. The rulers of the earth may accumulate great power and wealth (and many may abuse it), but all power, and everything in the universe, belongs to God, including all that is in possession of the ruling authorities today. We are to respect those in seats of power because they ultimately have to answer to God, to whom all power and authority belongs, and they will be judged for their conduct, good or bad, by a perfect and righteous God.

Let this also serve as a reminder that whoever we may vote into office we are to respect, because we have the knowledge that we also ultimately answer to God. We are to respect them, but we are also not to worship these leaders. So often we see such staunch, unwavering, devotion to those in office. While their authority is to be respected there is only one worthy of worship, the one true and Triune God of the universe. Amen.

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