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Sensory Overload – The Old Fart Photographer

September 20, 2016

Simple Tricks for Taking Gorgeous Fall Pictures It had been a long day of taking pictures. My friend, Gary, and I had been on the road since 3:00 am. It was fall in the Rockies and we planned to reach the top of Cottonwood Pass by sunrise, and now it was towards sunset. We had traveled to Tincup’s old cemetery, spent time taking pictures at a couple of Beaver ponds, and enjoyed an amazing vista at the top of Cumberland Pass. We had…

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So, I Can’t “Climb Every Mountain”

(I captured all the pictures in this blog while in my fifties, most of them in my late fifties.) The Old Fart Photographer Photography encourages us to embrace our limitations. Okay, so I’m (Doug Brauner) The Old Fart Photographer (thanks Terry Reed for the name). I have…

September 14, 2015

A Skill Worth Learning

I’m not very good at the technical stuff of photography. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a student of the trinity of photography; aperture, shutter and ISO. I understand how they relate to each other and the creative possibilities they open up for a photographer.…

June 4, 2015

Five Lessons for the Amateur Photographer- by Doug Brauner

Photo: Copyright the second fiddle In this digital era most every one of us has a camera even if it’s only our cell phone. With these digital cameras we capture moments in time. As long as we have a computer, these time…

May 23, 2015