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May 20, 2017


“Should I Stay or Should I Go”

May 20, 2017

Is There Value in Short-Term Mission Trips? “Our global missions efforts can sometimes drift into a form of conquering. We put a pin on a map and say, ‘Been there. Don That. Got the T-shirt.” While there is certainly nothing wrong with mission trips, we can accidentally slip into ‘missions tourism’ attending the ‘mission vacation’ of our choice.” Alan Briggs, Staying Is the New Going: Choosing to Love Where God Places You. p. 90 Global Ministry I recently returned from a…

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PWTE Daily Devotion


. . . and God’s Word. You can listen to today devotion by clicking on this SoundCloud link. When you live in Colorado Springs, you can be sure that you will need to get your car windshield repaired, or replaced regularly. Whether the gravel…

May 20, 2017